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    MCMLXXXIV wrote: »
    It looks like there's a few problems that have come out of the woodwork with b251 (I think we were always accessing the npc waypoints in a dangerous way but now it's giving us errors to tell us that).

    Once I've fixed those I'll be able to look at the map-specific crashes. I think my test map must be too simple to highlight them so I'll play a bit on xs_maze and xs_mineshaft. I should note that we didn't encounter any crashes in our playtest on tuesday...

    There seems to be some major lag issues now too? I frequently see ai 'stuck' on nothing now.

    When I tried it on my usual server the game was giving me a timeout on every map I tried, after being in game for around a minute. When I try locally maze didn't crash but descent did.

    I'm not sure what's going on but something is off - Worthy is crashing as well!
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    Okay, hopefully the aliens getting 'stuck' is now fixed in the EEM code. That new bug showed up after b251. Jim has published a new version and hopefully we've fixed that as well as making some improvements to the dialogue boxes. The gorge spit is still wonky - I'll be looking at that this week!
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    Just an FYI for anyone following this thread... Xenoswarm's officially released now. I've made a new thread for it for clarity... Read all about it here: http://forums.unknownworlds.com/discussion/131407/xenoswarm-released
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    I just played a bit of this before work and find this pretty fun. The marine movement speed I think is a bit OP, but being able to have a knife AND welder is great!
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