Project NA Kickstart - Update!

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First of all, congratulations to the new team formed T1, (teamone haha) - Butterlux, Anammox, Inzo, MIKE, Maurice, Rich, and Rising!

Secondly, I'd like to announce our new twitter for updates on the teams, events and more!

And once again, here's what we're all about:
invTempest wrote: »
Are you interested in playing NS2 on a competitive level but find it hard to find or create your own team?

Want to take your game to the next level?

Look no further - With backing from, Team Inversion, and Nexzil, I am proud to announce the start of "project NA Kickstart".

OK, so what the *%&$ is project NA Kickstart?

Good question, and thanks for asking!

In a nutshell I will be overseeing a team (or a collection if the demand is high enough) with the idea of taking the hard work out of creating a team by providing them with the necessary tools they need to effectively advance their NS2 game to the next level.

OK, so how do you actually plan on doing this?

Great questions, I can see you're already interested!

The first step involves some magic and waving of a wand and is rather complicated as I have to mix the right proportions of various chemicals into a beeker in the right order to... Umm actually it's pretty simple and there is nothing complex about it at all.

The first step is to find players who want to play NS2 competitively but are currently without a team. This is where you, the person reading this comes into play. If you have a desire to play the game at a higher level then we have the desire for you to join our team.

The next step is to not worry about who is going to pay for the teamspeak / mumble / vent / scrim server and let and Team Inversion take care of that by providing a scrim server and teamspeak server with ample room.

And finally, play the game and have fun - I know hard concept, but it should work in *theory*.

What is Nexzil doing? I haven't seen them mentioned yet.

I see you have been paying attention - Good job, that is a great skill to have!

Nexzil will be providing their ample stores of NS2 knowledge (team Inversion too). What better way to get better than to learn from the top NA teams?

When they have time, they will be helping out the farm team(s) by giving them pointers and insight into things that they need to improve on as a team. Not to mention they would be more than happy to stom.. I mean scrim the newly formed team and make them rag... ... Actually they just want to help players get into the competitive scene by teaching them as much as possible and giving them pointers.

OK, I'm interested, how do I sign up?

That is awesome, we want you!

The easiest way would be to add me on steam or message me via PM on these forums and let me know a little about you (don't need a biography but a little info would be nice so I can keep track of who is who) and what skill level (low, med, high) you think you are along with the marine and alien classes you can or are willing to play.

Steam -

Also go ahead and add yourself to the steam group here:

The # of teams that are formed out of this project depends on the number of players that show interest. I will be trying to form the team as best as I can but I can't guarantee any level of performance.

Also please be willing to take a level of criticism and be willing to lose (Every team will lose at first). This is probably the #1 reason why teams disband and that is what I am trying to avoid here.


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