Alien vision default = on?



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    is the draw distance a bug?

    I thought that was the downside to using it...
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    @mattji104 why do you keep reviving old threads? @-)
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    WillzZz wrote: »
    That mod could give us back some of the beauty of the game while we're playing 50% of the time. Nevermind the bugs that come along with alien vision like not seeing glass or bile bomb. I love that some are defending those traits as intentional. Sure :P

    Alien vision worked like that mod in NS1; it only highlighted marines. The only reason it isn't done this way in NS2 is because "LOL this isn't NS1".
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    My only issue is that sometimes I don't realize that I have spawned

    If my game popped back into Alien Vision mode I would know immediately that I'm back in the saddle
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    IronHorse wrote: »
    @mattji104 why do you keep reviving old threads? @-)

    You want repeat threads about old topics?
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    Honestly, I just have a lot of time at work this summer
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    wiry wrote: »
    It should remain off, but I think that if you have it on when you start an evolution it should remain on when the evolution is finished.
    Better NS2 does this.
    Paajtor wrote: »
    Chris0132 wrote: »
    There's very little reason to turn it off so I tend to play the entire game like that. Except, amusingly, for when the horrible graphics get too much for my eyes and I turn it off to get some relief.

    Less crappy alien vision graphics would be nice.
    That's why I would love to have an Alien Vision like this getting white-listed.
    It looks so much nicer, has less strain on the eyes.
    I had the mod loaded for some time, but came accross only 1 server which allowed for the use of it. :(
    Type b_vision on a Better NS2 and you can enable minimal alien vision (currently the only alternative setting added).
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