Few ideas and a few kind words for developers

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Hi all. I apologize for my bad English.
It seems that the first time I started this thread in the wrong section :)
First of all, I want to thank the developers and all those who participated and helped in the creation of this game. I have been waiting for this game for years, and this game totally lived up to my expectations and more. I think you've put all your love to the creation and improvement of the game (I especially want to highlight your efforts to improve the game, your job with the lighting update on the maps is gorgeous!) - it is very rare nowadays. I hope that you will be well rewarded for all your efforts. Big thanks to all of you!
Secondly, I would like to offer a few ideas that have emerged in my head a couple of hours ago, a few ideas that may be interest to you and help you in the future to make this game even more interesting.
I loved all the changes in the "Gorgeous" update, except for the introduction of "tracert" effect for Lerks shooting, because i can't anymore play with my favorite style - sit in a dark corner and completely annoying marines :P (by the way, I have a small idea, I will describe it below)
So it's time to move on to the presentation of my ideas. The first two ideas came to my mind after re-watching this trailer.

1) Watch 10-15 seconds of this trailer and imagine a new piece of game mechanics ... some kind of "welding system of metal doors" ... "sealing system of doors"! And only Onos can break this "sealed" door! (or not only Onos!) Like in trailer! It is a pure idea, I have not thought about the details of implementation, but if you are interested we can think about all the details! The idea that just occured to me is sealing some doors by some kind of improved welder, or welding machine, or welder upgrade for Exo-suit! You can add this mechanic with new maps, or new big updates, like Gorgeous etc :)

2) Watch this moment and imagine some kind of "replacement" for Fade Vortex ability (as you probably know, this ability is used very rarely). Replacement or addition is: Fade stabs its claws into marine's shoulders, so that marine loses control for a short time of 1.5-3 seconds, and starts shooting in different directions ... or maybe even Fade can for this time control a marine! by some kind of "mind control parasite" on his claws! and at this time a marine can injure or even kill his comrades with his rifle or flamethrower!!! and at this time it will serve as a living shield for the Fade! Just imagine!

3) Well, now I would like to suggest a very small change that I would like to see in the next update - "tracerts" of Lerk range shooting with "Silence" update become invisible, as it was done before the Gorgeous update. I suggest this idea for saving some of the original game mechanics, i think that the "silent and hardly detectable Lerk" tactics would look quite logical for those who prefer "Silence" instead of "Camouflage" upgrade.

Thank you for your attention guys, I hope someone of the developers will read my post and leave a message here.


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    1. They initially planned to have doors marines could weld shut. They had them in beta, then removed them. I'm not sure what the heck the status of it is now. Limbo.....................

    2. Fades in beta had a similar move, but it was either useless or OP. One-hit kills are frowned upon...and if it wasn't a one-hit kill it wasn't good enough. Another thing thats frowned upon is players losing control of their actions. A Big no-no.

    3. I think they have something in the works for this. I'm not entirely sure, but I believe I read somewhere that they might make the tracers shoot less often and more transparent. However silence removing it all together seems like a good idea ( it makes more sense that camouflage does it, but those 2 just need to be combined already).
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