Bug: Setting Sv_cheats to 0 does not automatically shut off autobuild

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A fellow admin notified me that after enabling sv_cheats, and having various cheat related commands like autobuild running, turning sv_cheats off doesn't automatically turn off autobuild. Autobuild must be turned off before using sv_cheats 0. Settings sv_cheats to 0 should automatically shut off all cheat-related commands.


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    just tested it and yes autobuild and other commands stay active after you set cheats to 0.
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    This is still the case. I could only stop it by loading a new map.
    Please fix it.
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    Did it every was another way?
    Just do a mapchange to be sure everything is "normal" again.

    In generall i would not recommend to use cheats in any situation other than on your local server.
    Cheats are avaible for all players and there are some cheat-commands you don't want ppl to use on your server.
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    You shouldn't have cheats on in the first place, this is not something worth spending the time to fix unless I got like super bored or something.
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