Is it time to revisit the cyst mechanic?



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    A marine can pick the skulk off the node with ease at range, a skulk wont have the same luxury and is significantly handicapped in responding as a result.
    While I certainly agree, the point is that this asymmetry exists at all levels. If marines are attacking a harvester, the same principle applies. A skulk will be approaching from range. Heck, the same applies to a hive. If marines are attacking it, skulks responding will be coming from range. So the principle exists already, it's not adding anything new.

    I'd be reticent to go with more than one cyst in a room since you end up with the same issue as before - that the game now needs to track those cysts. With power nodes the code is already there, it would just need to be tweaked to apply to aliens as well.
    I dont think having 2 cysts in a room is a big issue or would add that much overhead.
    You would still be eliminating atleast 5 cysts from most room.

    This gets around the issue with placement of power nodes, which are hard enough to place as is.
    The marines needs a good LOS on the node...the aliens want it in some back corner thats requires you to get right into the room to attack it.
    By making aliens happy in defense you make it almost impossible to attack (that assymetry thing cropping up in an unhelpful way).

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    You say power cyst sniping wont be an issue but think of it this way...sentries had their power un-linked from the power node, you need to find a way to do the same for whips whilst still allowing marines a way to disable the whips.
    Otherwise you simply shoot at the power node before walking into a room (knowing that this will render all whips/strucutres useless and they will die).
    Well to be fair, whips are not alien sentries, that would be hydras - and hydras don't need infestation. Whips are more like ARCs. However, as I was saying before, if there are power nodes that are in bad spots - that allow sniping from outside the room - they should be moved no matter what. (The exception being an area like Departures on Docking, since that hive room is tiny. Although I never did like that tech point - too cramped.)

    As for whips, I don't have a problem with whips not being affected by lack of infestation, so long as they aren't completely uncoupled from needing it. They will remain rooted (and functional) if infestation is lost. So whips still function and won't take damage if infestation is lost, but they can't move to into an area without infestation. So if infestation is lost whips are 'stuck' where they are.

    Let's not forget it's easy for a lerk to snipe a power node from range, and the gorge bile bomb certainly fits that bill too. Not only skulks attack the power nodes.

    The problem with node placement is that aliens need easy access to be able to attack but want the exact opposite if they hope to defend one.

    Problem is you say you dont mind if whips are not effected by a lack of I guess you dont mind losing the ability to stop them attacking you or throwing your grenades back?
    Lets not forget that a lack of infestation renders a whip a hat stand.

    whilst its not just skulks that attack they are the base lifeform (like a marine with JP or exo etc) and this is what needs to be remembered.
    If you dont have 30 res you cant go lerk...die and your team mate cant pick up that lerk.
    Similarly with bile bomb which requires a second hive....and is hardly ranged anymore.

    I dont think having 2 cysts instead of 1 is that much of a change...when you consider how many are around a room/map at the moment.
    By insisting on 1 only and it being on the power node is a massive balance issue due to the inherrant gamestyles both offensively and defensively of each side.

    Marines can attack and defend from a distance...aliens can only attack and defend in melee range.
    This is the assymetry of the game and unless we want to make it impossible for the alien side to expand/hold ground we have to factor this in to re-vamp.
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