What is Server Perfomance ? Explanation

Goliath VietnamGoliath Vietnam Join Date: 2013-01-07 Member: 178080Members
like title said , im newb and dont understand
if sv perfomance < 50% what its look like ?


  • SquishpokePOOPFACESquishpokePOOPFACE -21,248 posts (ignore below) Join Date: 2012-10-31 Member: 165262Members, Reinforced - Shadow
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    It means the server can't process client requests fast enough and thus the game would appear laggy even with low ping.
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    Although even some servers that appear as 100% in the server browser lag like hell
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    Its a measure of the current server tickrate. In NS2, a perfectly performing server will hold a constant 30 tickrate. However, on some servers with less powerful hardware, this can drop significantly, which will result in stuff like lag and rubberbanding for the players.
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