Maturity for the aliens

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An idea i just had came to me when thinking about maturity of the alien structures and how they don't have their full health/abilities until they are fully mature so i thought that it would be interesting if the life forms had this feature too, your freshly "born" from an egg right? so wouldn't it be interesting if you also needed to mature to use your full abilities and gain your maximum amount of health. I was thinking that maybe when freshly born you could start off with only 50% of your max health/abilities and zero armor then over time you would mature and your shell would harden giving you your max health, armor and abilities. You could speed up your maturity by being in the nutrient mist given by the commander or by killing marines.

optional note: if this was to be implemented i would also like to see an increase on the maximum health for all life forms in order to give a kind of reward for those aliens that stay alive longer to reach their maximum maturity, not by a lot perhaps about +10% of current max.


  • JeffeyJeffey Join Date: 2012-09-15 Member: 159508Members
    Wouldn't people just afk in the hive to reach max maturity in that case then?
  • MaLuSMaLuS Join Date: 2013-02-02 Member: 182769Members
    that's a valid point, the commander should mist in that instance to mature them faster although they will not be doing the team much good sitting there but i would make it that a kill would make you mature faster than mist say about 25% per kill so that maybe 3-4 kills and you'd be fully mature and perhaps 15% for a kill assist.
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    No offense, but reducing the health/armor of aliens is a terrible idea. Would only make spawn camping aliens easier.

    If we're even going to think about maturity, then it should be added bonus to the aliens. They spawn with their current max health/armor and either based on time or kills, their health/armor increases. Kind of like the battle scarred alpha male or something.
  • overduboverdub Join Date: 2013-03-08 Member: 183800Members
    I think is a really cool game idea outside of NS2, but i personally dont think it would improve this game. However, i have thought of a new game entirely that would be awesome with this as a feature, Thank you.
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    i like the idea that the normal armor and helth but the longer it survives the stronger it will be like what doesnt kill you makes you stronger, to balance it out the marine nanites in their armor toughen making armor better while staying at the same level...
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    Hmm, I quite like the idea. But could "Maturing" perhaps be an upgrade from a hive, and rather than maturing over time players mature dependant on kill count [since last hatching]. And be an increase on the default, and not a lowering of it?

    This would make it a skill-based thingy, and stop people afk camp-maturing. It might make skulking a more viable late-game tactic, for good skulks at least [and people who bought this game cause they got tired of playing AvP *cough couch*:p].

    And i'll try to make it fit with lore by offering some hand waving explanations about eating nutrient-rich squishy Red-Bloods, and the Khaara's rapid evolution "naturally selecting" the 'minds' [read: 'players'] best adapted to playing a life form to play that life form. :p
  • MaLuSMaLuS Join Date: 2013-02-02 Member: 182769Members
    of-course some changes to my initial idea would need to be made as it was a concept that i literally thought of as i posted it, so all are welcome to add to the idea. I was certainly thinking of it as a kind of reward for good players to encourage killing but not getting yourself killed as well as doing as the commander tells you to get your mist as a reward so with that in mind then how about removing the mature over time in favor of only maturing when your in mist or when you kill? and perhaps instead of 50% natural health it could be 75% (i.e. full health but no armor unless cara is on in which you'd get 25% of total armor) then you could mature to a maximum of say 130% of current health and armor values.
  • CowMeatCowMeat Join Date: 2013-03-02 Member: 183557Members
    I think that alien life forms should be slightly cheaper, but need: time, gorge spray, or healing mist to mature.
  • CowMeatCowMeat Join Date: 2013-03-02 Member: 183557Members
    It would be cool if alien life forms who survived for a long time changed appearance or gained a minor advantage.
  • meatmachinemeatmachine South England Join Date: 2013-01-06 Member: 177858Members, NS2 Playtester, NS2 Map Tester, Reinforced - Shadow, WC 2013 - Supporter
    Maturing would be most easily implemented as a bonus to hive traits over time to a maximum of perhaps 15% increase in a particular part of that skill. I think it'd be cool if it was like this:

    - All lifeforms mature over time, at a rate of say, 1% every 20 seconds. Aliens start at 100% maturity and mature up to 115% (value convention of %s doesnt really matter if you want it to make more sense)

    - All hive traits equipped get a buff for each extra % - for e.g. celerity would get a max speed or acceleration boost, cloak becomes less visible or activates faster, (lots of different things you could tweak for each ability- maybe even CHOOSE what to mature as a small extension of the existing tech tree ;) )

    I know it's not in the style of NS2 to do stuff like my next suggestion but I liked the idea so I'll put it here anyway:

    - Maturity rises PAST 115% but this figure is not displayed - when it reaches a certain value for eg 200%, something special happens to the trait that makes it OP in some way, like camo can walk at full speed while partial cloaked, or regen is always active, or adrenaline boosts energy recovery speed... Silence could cause noises made by aliens to be 'thrown' somewhere.... <-- A bit outlandish but I think is interesting to discuss.

    Also on another topic, I don't think you'd get many people AFKing in the hive if it was implemented similar to the way I've proposed, as they would need to wait for abilities to be researched in the first place..
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