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Hey folks :) I'm still hard at work on my prison map and is pretty close to being finished with the greyboxing. Then comes the testing etc. before detailing, but I had a thought about lightning in spark / ingame that I want to discuss.

I have always been a fan of a bright screen, playing competitive CS 1.6 and a few other hardcore FPS games, made me hate not being able to see oppononents in dark areas, like for example the vents on De_Nuke in 1.6. Now getting "close" to making final detailing of props / lights, would you recommend I stay on my "lit" screen and work the rooms as I see it, or go to windows default colors and work as people who haven't changed color settings on their screens will see it?


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    I have no clue what your trying to say but I'll try to answer you by saying always do lighting in "Lit" view.
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    I'm talking about the NVIDIA Control panel for my graphic card, I have always boosted the contrast / brightness slightly, It negates some shadows and give clear vision of darker areas. My question, should lightning be done with default windows colors or with my slighty lit settings :)
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    I personally would return to the default settings for doing your lighting. Chances are that alot of the people who will play on your map will be using those settings. Also those who have tweaked their settings will likely have set them with the 'default' lighting in mind.
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    I should maybe have started the thread like this, so people had a better idea of what I meant.

    This is how the settings I use, and the marine spawn in my map, looks. These settings I have on 24/7. It never struck me, that I use custom settings, while I created the entire greybox / a few areas of the map. But well.. today it did:

    My "default" settings:

    Test Image - Marine Spawn.

    Change to the settings posted above the image to see a change from the default color platé linked below and give me your input :)

    Windows default / "your" settings:

    I wanted to tone down the lightning a bit because I thought it was to bright. But it kinda looks like the way I want it to with default colors, hence my dilemma ;/
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    Lightning, and lighting. :)

    Anyway, I think not even two people will effectively see the same thing anyway. There are always slight variances from a system to another.

    What I try to do is get a feel for the lighting level on the official maps, and mimic it. According to my settings. Each one will then see it to their settings and preferences with a good ground to work with.
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    Evil Bob is right

    Actually if you want to tweak your lights properly, then you should want to be as close to the "true colors" as possible. This includes setting everything to default and having a good monitor. Since there are like 1 bilion of monitor models and 99% are shitty in one or more directions (color, brightness, gama etc.) it is not in you possibilities to tweak you light to every one of them. So it is better to tweak it to your "average" settings how you want it it and let the others decide if they want it more dark/bright (and hope they dont have too cheap monitor and will not see something different than you intended :)).

    BTW - When I have accidentaly seen the screenshots of my map on "pro" monitor, I didn't believed my eyes at first. Fortunatelly it looked better than on my "home" one :-D
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