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Hey guys so I have been playing competitively for quite a while now and played with alot of great players and I feel like my tracking of skulks and to some extent lerks has gotten pretty good.

That said, I feel like I am not very good at shooting fades. I only occasionally seem to be able to land those money shotgun blasts that all the great aimers seem to be able to make consistently. I am wondering whether there are any obvious tactics that I am missing for shooting fades? What is your thought process? Do you just track their movements with great twitch aim? Is there a particular pattern that fade movement follows that you always shoot them at? I try to hit them at the end of shadowsteps, but good fades always seem to end their shadowstep behind me rather then in an easy to shoot spot. Any help would be appreciated.

PS. Not to be rude but I am not looking for pubbers opinions on this topic


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    I can't for the life of me hit the Fade (or Lerk that matter) with the rifle consistently, The Fade vs Shotgun on the other hand is all about twitch and knowing the approximate range of shift stepping. I do get confused with my aim sometimes due to the big puff of smoke they leave, but that's more a rifle thing then a shotgun thing, for me at least.

    <-- more of a twitch aimer than a tracking aimer, I tend to stand back during the rifle phase and support with suppression fire, right up the point when I get my precious shotty, then all bets are off against Fades and Lorks :P

    So yeah in short, know their movement patterns (blink is very easy to track though) It's that darn Shift step+double jump boost that can put you off target.
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    positioning is probably the most important part when fighting fades, you need to force them into situations where you can reliably predict how they are going to move.
    Otherwise its just reflexes, aiming and good dodging. Medpacks from the comm always help, makes fades often overextend.
    Fades usually use shadowstep momentum to get into close combat reliably, if you manage to predict when the fades goes in its usually pretty easy to get at least 1 clean shot at them with a shotgun.
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    I find its:
    1. Positioning
    2. Timing

    The best method is to coordinate your attacks so you drive the fade into the waiting arms of a shotgun-wielding teammate (e.g. 'pinching'). That ensures a situation in which the fade is low on both energy and health, making it much easier to kill.

    However, if your in the unenviable but common situation of dueling a fade in a 1v1 situation (or 2v2/3v3 with other lifeforms around), you largely just have to time your shots with the end of either the fade's blink or shadowstep. There is a short delay that you can take advantage of before they can blink/shadowstep again.
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