50% off ns2 free to play weekend

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we need to boost NS2 presence in steam. player counts are dropping. I don't want this game to die.



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    NS2 is quite healthy from what I can gather. 1500-2000 concurrent players, for an indie game in a niche genre is quite good actually. The niche genre and "learning curve" or rather initial overwhelming impression, are the main cause this game will probably never go beyond the 10.000 mark of concurrent players. Don't get me wrong, it would be awesome to see, but unlikely ;)
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    What it will do, is last, last for just as long as NS1 :)
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    I posted the deal on an Australian site which publishes daily game deals a few days back.


    However they are currently down atm.

    If you know any other game deal websites I would encourage you to do the same :)
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    Actually too late, looks like the deal is over.

    Oh well next time.
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