Out of curiosity, how is damage calculated?

thefonzthefonz Join Date: 2011-06-22 Member: 105847Members
I know the basics of L/N/H damage and effective HP.

I'm curious though of how the game decides what portion of health and armor to subtract. It's clearly not armor first. I thought maybe effective HP from armor divided by damage as integers, then the remainder deducted from HP. That doesn't pan out well either. I remember glitches where you could have '0' health in beta, from rounding down a decimal. So integers are out anyway...

This question arose out of a subtle difference between the aliens and the marines. Mariens deal damage 'straight' (always to HP and armor) and aliens heal straight (HP then armor). Whereas aliens don't always deal damage straight (spores hit only HP, bile hits only armor) and marines don't always heal straight (medpacks heal HP only, welding heals armor only).

The result of this is that aliens will always have 0 armor before death. While you can have marines with 1 HP and 90 armor that are still 1 hit kills. Hell, a parasite will do.

To be clear, I'm not complaining or advocating change. It works, its good. It's just interesting and I'm curious.


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