Server config questions.

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Hello, i've read the help threads did a little search but couldnt really fine what i wanted.

All i'd like to know is in my server config file i've taken the rookie tag out but it still show's my server as rookie friendly(in green) i'll past what's in my file. I even took out the ("rookie_friendly":) and that did nothing can anyone give me a hand here?

"enabled_on_unbalance_amount": 2,
"enabled_after_seconds": 10
"tags": [ ]

And one more question about admin rights, i know you setup groups for them but is there a way of setting a head admin with all commands? without allowing them all?

"admin_group": { "type": "disallowed", "commands": [ ] }

would that work? so I've disallowed nothing?

Thank for any help you can give me.

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    you need this: "rookie_friendly": false, .
    btw watch out what you delete in your config files. typos can cause server errors or mods not to work ;)
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