Team Inversion - NA Division 1 now recruiting

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-- Who we are --

Team Inversion has been around in some form or another for the past year and half (started August 2011). We have seen a lot of faces come and go since then and we are happy to once again be opening our doors to dedicated players who wish to take their game to the next level.

-- What we are looking for --

Being a division 1 team we are seeking players of high skill level so that we can contend with the likes of Nexzil, All-in, and damage networks. Even more so than skill we are looking for people who fit well in our team. We despise drama and try to avoid it at all costs (as much as possible of course) so we are seeking players with a similar desire.

Other than being good and being liked by the rest of the team you will also need to be active and not prone to raging when things don't go your or the teams way. Being able to take criticism without taking offense or getting defensive is also a plus.

Above all, we are looking for people who want to play the game at a high level and have fun while doing it.

>> Roles to fill <<
- Commander
- Everything else

-- Why you should try out for Inversion --

Why not? If you want to have fun with a great group of players and feel you meet our requirements then you have nothing to lose.

We have access to almost as many NS2 servers as we need (thanks Server dad ( Is it odd to thank yourself? )) a private TS3 server, and a website (not really used, but it looks purrrty). All we need is active and willing players, so contact us to today!

Did I mention a UWE dev plays on our team? Not that this has any real benefit other than getting your daily dose of crabbiness (and updates on the impending crab-pocalypse) but it may be a plus in some people's books I guess.

-- Contact info --

Add me on steam -


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