starting extractor has limited resources

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<div class="IPBDescription">to help end the game</div>With the resources being unlimited in NS2 it means that marines can last a very long time before the alien team all decide to go 12 onos and stampede them, but this takes quite a long time (in a pub game to organise and save the res etc).

So I think it would help if that perhaps on some kind reasonable condition (like when aliens get 3 hives and marines have only their starting res tower) The extractor in marine spawn stops giving out resources after say 1 minute.

Even more extreme could be that the powernode gives a 2-3 minute countdown before shutdown of power. (if some more harsh conditions are met - e.g. aliens have captured all resource towers except for marine spawn).

so basically if the marines don't push out they run out of res and power.


  • nikodimus86nikodimus86 Join Date: 2012-10-22 Member: 163188Members
    I get what you are saying but if the devs would implement that then that would be one step away from just automaticaly ending the game when one side gets a large advantage over the other.

    I would like to see some strategy to turn a game around so the side with the advantage can't relax and the losing side doesn't just vote concede or recycle or beg the other side to end it already.
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    Even more annoying would be if every game ended with Skulks versus Marines, which is what would happen in long, limited-resource games.
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