Two simple suggestions to increase the quality and enjoyability of pub play

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tl;dr version:

1. Add a real surrender option that allows the game to immediately end and people to get on with the next game

2. Extend the warm-up period, so that the match starts only after both sides have a commander AND both commander's have "Readied" (presumably after some short strategizing and coordinating with team)

1. Implement a surrender vote already:

I understand that there are dev concerns with the psychological effect a surrender option would have on a losing team's morale: when the going gets tough it's all too easy to throw your hands up and give in. One persons bad sportsmanship then becomes infectious and then all of a sudden your entire team might be pressuring you to throw in the surrender vote too.

Epic comebacks may never be realised. The flow of the games may become short and snappy and unsatisfying. All of these ill effects are very possible.

I wanted to get the cons of this feature out of the way before discussing the downfalls of how matches currently work.

Currently many matches tend to "end" in the early game but don't actually end before a slow, agonizing and arguably un-fun process of one team slowly (sometimes incompetently, thereby dragging it further) dismantling the other team.

For the marines this usually means sitting in base making a "last stand" that gets old after dying pointlessly to Onos/spores the umpteenth time.

For aliens this is watching helplessly as you get frustratingly spawn camped by GLs and marines that you curse for taking so long to finish the job.

The sheer frustration from being on a losing team during the process of a slow dragged out finish makes many people quit to RR, which is more or less a de facto surrender anyway. The team-balance feature only makes finishing the game even more dragged out and grating. Eventually the fear of ending up in this situation encourages many people to stacking, quitting and then avoiding play altogether.

This has been recently been brought to focus in EDGE magazine's review of the game, where dragged out matches were cited as a major flaw.

I'm not saying that adding a surrender option's going to make it perfect, but I want to see it tested to see the effect it will have on pub play.

2. Implement the "start match only when both sides have a Commander" feature many people have been clamoring for already. While you're at it, start the game only when both Commanders are ready.

Like many NS vets, quality of pub play is something that is always a big concern for me since it is so inextricably tied with the enjoyment I get out of the game. Oftentimes a game starts without even a perfunctory strategy and you see everyone on the team heading in one direction like sheep while Aliens rush your spawn, or no-one goes gorge to secure areas and you ending up losing your first critical harvesters and have no map control for the rest of the game.

Now we all know that learning the game takes time, and it will take awhile for the rookies to have a grasp of what they should be doing, but you know what would really help? Simply a bit of time to COMMUNICATE to your team what your plan is as commander at the START of the game.

Something as simple as "3 people to cafe, 3 to east wing, 3 to courtyard then destroy their early res in maintenance and stability" would, in my opinion, enhance your early game chances immensely and get your team off on the right foot. Way better than 8 people heading into cafeteria then your base getting swarmed by skulks from courtyard side and everyone running back.

This "communication/planning step" can be simply implemented as giving both Commanders a "ready button" and starting the game when both players press ready. If you can't be bothered, great, just press "ready" and be on your merry way, but at least give an option to those of us who want to do something like this.


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