Commander-less aliens building

[TRB]NebRa[TRB]NebRa Join Date: 2013-01-06 Member: 177845Members
Is there a bug where it does not register who is in the Hive?

I have been in three games now where i have strong suspicion's that the alien's have built without a vissable comm.
(I don't play on modded servers.)

Twice as aliens where i saw no commander, I couldn't enter hive.
Yet i saw cysts going down on map - I left server immediatly as i don't enjoy winning if its not done so fairly.

Once as commander of marines - Spammed scans to check what aliens are up to - Every time i hit tab, no alien comm.
Yet repeating the scan shows new structures... and hitting Tab again - no comm on enemy team.

Anyone else have similar experience?


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