Admin Point of View - Lag or speed hack?

waflzwaflz Join Date: 2012-09-07 Member: 158459Members Posts: 114 Advanced user
viewing players who are jumping around
Every now and then i get a player that has low ping.. around 50 or so.

But when i view him from the top view, he Jumps like 10 yards at a time, it almost looks like hese is going faster then normal.

It kinda looks like packet loss or lag or something but with such a low ping i dont see how it would effect what im seeing.

Does anyone know if this is a hack or a sync hack?

Kinda looks like rubber banding, but the player i was watching has no problem killing marines at all. The marine team usually ends up complaining because he is impossible to hit.

Any information?


  • MiniH0wieMiniH0wie Join Date: 2007-11-25 Member: 63013Members Posts: 526 Fully active user
    I've thought I heard people were setting their max FPS to something really low and it caused them to jump around like this. Makes it very difficult for others to hit them.
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  • StriderNS2StriderNS2 Join Date: 2012-12-22 Member: 175867Members Posts: 126
    Yes I don't know exactly what people are doing. But I've seen people use something like this to their advantage in pubs. Some form of rate hacking. Oh the joy of client side updates. Another reason why everything should be server side.
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    FPS affects your update rate, so if you set your FPS to 5 it gives that teleporting effect.

    I'm not sure how this is handled in other games, but the teleporting can indeed be pretty bad in NS2.
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    Devs? Forum mins?

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    I was trying this on a server, binding one key to max fps 1 and one key to max fps 0. First when I press my keybinding for 1FPS I start running and jumping and after few moments I press my keybinding for max fps and I have "teleported" for everyone else I'm stuck in the air then I press max fps keybind and I 've teleported. I cant see any "gains" from this but it should be fixed though.
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