Reserved slots natively?

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<div class="IPBDescription">Prevent wasted sessions</div>Can this feature be added natively to NS2 somehow? I just encountered one of these earlier, and it brought back memories of NS1 when you would spend all of that time to connect to a server just to get kicked right after you join due to a slot reservation. Or worse, when you are on a server for a while (sometimes up to an hour) and just get suddenly kicked because the public slots were used up.

Could this functionality be added to NS2 servers so that the server list doesn't show these servers as having say two slots available when in fact none are available? Also a marker indicating that the server does have reserved slots (so that e.g. we could filter them off of our list so we don't get kicked unexpectedly.)

I'm not opposed to the idea of server admins running reserved slots, just I don't want to play on any servers with them, and it would be nice to know beforehand whether the server has them.

Also there doesn't appear to be a way to permanently de-list servers from your personal server list. Anybody know of any way to do this?


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    This suggestion should be in the google thing. There's really nothing to argue against, I just want to upvote it.
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    I had that happen to a friend as well. It appears to be a bug with the reserved slots mod (don't know which has this functionality).

    The mod should automatically password the server when the public slots are used up, if I recall.

    An official way to blacklist servers is a nice idea!
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    I assumed you got kicked out after hours of playing because you had the longest play time of anyone connected?
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    I've been kicked anywhere from being a few minutes in to an hour or more in. I guess it depends on the implementation.
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    Mod-based reserved slots don't HAVE to kick anybody... They can:

    1) Have a player count of, say, 20
    2) Automatically lock (set password) the server when the playercount hits 16
    3) When an rs holder joins (because they have the password), nobody gets kicked
    4) The server unlocks when the player count drops below 16 due to attrition

    The amount of extra slots, targeting a 16 player minimum, could be anything from 1 to 8. Nobody need ever get kicked, and you get reserved slots. Some servers already do implement this sort of system.
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