New Hive Ability

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<div class="IPBDescription">Another SC2 RIpoff</div>So had another random idea popping in my head concerning larger games (20p+) and how it is almost impossible for aliens to go anything but shift first. The idea is for any Hive to have a "chrono" ability to speed up egg spawning. If I got the numbers right, an egg spawns every 3s for a grand total of 4 eggs per cycle with 3 eggs usable per spawn wave. With the "chrono" ability, egg spawning will occur every 2s for a total of 6 eggs per cycle with 4 eggs usable per spawn wave. So rather than having 3 eggs per wave with 1 in reserve, aliens can have 4 eggs per wave with 2 in reserve for the next spawn cycle. This ability should be rather expensive so shift eggs are still recommended over "chrono" (even though shift egg cost is a bit ridiculous at the moment) so I think 5 Tres with a 12s cooldown will suffice.

So now the idea is something like:

<u>Hive Chrono</u>
*Reduces Hive egg spawn time to 2 seconds for 12 seconds.
*Costs 5 Tres.
*24 second cooldown per use.
*Nutrient mist reduces cooldown by 6 seconds (an idea I have for mist in general percolating in my head).

Well that's another random idea posted. Till the next one.
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