questions about .material files.

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<div class="IPBDescription">what commands are available??</div>random question about .material files

is it possible to make 1 .material file that contains info for many textures instead of making each texture have it's own .material file?

I used to texture in doom 3, and I am actually now taking re made super HD doom 3 textures and in doom 3 they have 1 .material flile, made it really easy to deal with importing mAss amounts of textures not having to make a million .material files...

also, what are all the available commands and what not in .material files?

I can set the normal maps the diffuse maps, and the spec map , the shader type, but is there anything else?

here is some stuff I had access to when using doom 3's material files

heightmap(<map>, <float>) Turns a grayscale height map into a normal map. <float> varies the bumpiness
addnormals(<map>, <map>) Adds two normal maps together. Result is normalized.
smoothnormals(<map>) Does a box filter on the normal map, and normalizes the result.
add(<map>, <map>) Adds two images without normalizing the result
scale(<map>, <float> [,float] [,float] [,float]) Scales the RGBA by the specified factors. Defaults to 0.
invertAlpha(<map>) Inverts the alpha channel (0 becomes 1, 1 becomes 0)
invertColor(<map>) Inverts the R, G, and B channels
makeIntensity(<map>) Copies the red channel to the G, B, and A channels
makeAlpha(<map>) Sets the alpha channel to an average of the RGB channels. Sets the RGB channels to white.

qer_editorimage <map> - Image to display in the editor
description <string> - Just a simple description for people using this material
polygonOffset [float] - offset the depth buffer to combat z-fighting
noShadows - Don't cast shadows
noSelfShadow - This material doesn't cast shadows on the model it's on (but it does on other models)
forceShadows - Allows nodraw surfaces to cast shadows
noOverlays -Overlay / Decal suppression
forceOverlays - Force decal overlays for alpha tested or translucent surfaces
translucent - Draw with an alpha blend
clamp - Don't repeat the texture for texture coords outside [0, 1]
zeroclamp - guarantee 0,0,0,255 edge for projected textures
alphazeroclamp - Guarante 0 alpha edge for projected textures
forceOpaque - Used for skies-behind-windows
twoSided - Draw the front and back. Implies no-shadows, because the shadow volume would be coplanar with the surface, giving depth fighting
backSided - Draw only the back. This also implies no-shadows
mirror - Use to make mirrors
noFog - Don't fog this surface
unsmoothedTangents - Uses the single largest area triangle for each vertex, instead of smoothing all
guisurf -<guifile>
guisurf entity[2|3] - This surface has a gui on it. Use "somegui.gui" to specify the gui, or entity, entity2, entity3, etc for the level designer to set it in Radiant.
sort <type> - Type is one of: subview, opaque, decal, far, medium, close, almostNearest, nearest, postProcess
spectrum <int> - Spectrums are used for "invisible writing" that can only be illuminated by a light of matching spectrum

<fadeSeconds> [start rgb] [end rgb] - Used in decal materials to set how long the decal stays, and how it fades out.

Can I do any of this in Spark?


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    If you open few material files you can fairly quickly see what you can work with, there isn't much.
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    so there isn't any documentation of it?

    if not, they should make some documentation of it.

    I am going to test if multiple texture info can be placed into 1 .material file and post the results here.

    I am OP btw, just got banned yesterday over nothing. If you want to see why click <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>
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