Map in Dark Knight Rises has "Sandy Hook"

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<div class="IPBDescription">And there is 28 targets, a triangle with an eye and 13 markings inside</div>This picture has been on the internet for a long time.

There is a triangle made from red dotted line with an eye looking dot and one end.

In this triangle there is 13 objects, 6 squares 7 circles.

Then there is 7 objects in a row on the one side.

There is 28 circle and square targets total, some are tricky to see so I will number them.

1 to 13 - the targets in a circle formation in the center
14 - 15 - the two on the pyramid
16 - Top Left
17 to 23 -the 7 in a line left of the triangle
24 - To the right of Strike Zone 1
25 - On the bridge to the left of where it says GOTHAM CITY
26 - On the Bridge just to the left of STRIKE ZONE 1
27 and 28 at the very bottom left side over the water

Other Names of interest on the map, might be other target spots..

Fort Clinton
Queen's River Idaho
Red Hook (NY)(was hit REALLY bad by the storm SANDY.... hmmmm)
Chelsea(Close to NY)
Upper West (NY)

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Just like every other massacre? USA is getting attacked by terrorists, trained and planned attacks are happening, and it is being made to look as if it was a random citizen. They trying to conform everyone into believing that they NEED to use military as police. They trying to instil as much fear as possible. They want us BEGGING FOR MORE POLICE, for military to have more power, for police to have rights to as obama says it "Prolonged Detention" for people they ARE SUSPICIOUS OF but cannot prove anything, they want us fearing everyone and thinking WE NEED STRICTER rules on privacy giving police MORE POWER.

I can give a long list of attacks that are VERY SHADY where eye witness accounts differ from what media says happened, and other large scale events that have gaping holes in the official stories.


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