FIXED - NS2 Web Admin broken

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** FIXED ** See below.

Hello NS2 Server Admins,

Has anyone else experienced a loss of connectivity in their NS2 web admin console in the last few days? I mean specifically that the number of players is "undefined" and there is no actual feed from the server. Connected players are not listed, etc. We noticed this yesterday, the day of the latest patch, but are unsure if the two are correlated.

I have already had my NS2 server re-imaged to default files, and this did not resolve the issue.

See my screenshot below. Note that even though there ARE connected players, they do not show up. Nor does the map cycle, bans, etc. Tested by multiple admins on different computers.

<img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />


**EDIT** Issue found to be latest latch changing folder paths. NFO image updated to reflect this.
mod edit: added FIXED to topic title. --Zaggy


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