Giving Commanders props after the game.

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<div class="IPBDescription">Custom readyroom model</div>Something that I think would be fun post game is for the commanders of each team (or just the winning commander since the other guy is dead) get a different model in the ready room. Its a nice way to go from a faceless voice to that cool guy who led us to victory. In theory all the players can then go jump in circles around him because partying on the internet is apparently the same as a mosh pit at a dubstep concert.

For aliens I'm thinking........ wait for it.... yes, yes that, now wait........... The Babbler King!!!!

For marines..... how bout Samuel L. Jackson? He'd probably be even cool with it if we asked too. Mr. Jackson, like most commanders, has had it with all theses motherf***ing skulks on this motherf**ing facility. :D lol

For reference, Hail to the king!
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Anyone in the community with modeling skills who want to give this a try?
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