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<div class="IPBDescription">Can UWE answer this for me please :(</div>You know as a mapper I take a certain look at maps. I study the small detail and often focus on things that the average "player" would not even care about. I am not a player I am a Mapper. And I give props to all of these maps both official and Mod. When I see pathways that curve and twist smoothly I cry inside. Because I know that took some poor guy atleast 3 hours on average per curve. 3 hours? yes three hours.... Rotating on grids....Textures fitting and being smooth. The rest of the geo matching up with the lines and verts. I know that if some how we got the rotate tool to rotate things on grid.... I think baby Jesus might shed a tear. I know this simple request asked for by anyone and everyone who has made a map for NS2 must be an incredible FEAT of code. I mean why else would the most asked for feature and what seems the most simple feature not yet be in spark? What I am asking for is for an actual Dev response as to why we cant.. or we don't have this in the editor? If it is some stupid complicated response I am perfectly fine with that. I just would like to know what, why, and how this request as eluded the NS2 Dev Kit. Not being a wise guy or smart a$$. I would simply love an answer. Also I love the last patch on the editor a lot of things with rotate really helped with textures.


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    The answer you will get is very simple actually ;)

    After the release on Halloween 2012, they started focusing on adding more features and fixing issues with the tools once more. Before the v1.0 release they have been on the backburner for quite some time. Only adding the ingame lighting engine earlier this year into the editor so we can see the light changes in real time instead of having to actually boot up the game to see it in action. Along with that also came some performance optimizations for the editor.

    The short answer is, it is known and on the feature request list
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