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<div class="IPBDescription">Why does it take only 2 votes to kick a Comm?</div>I've seen this being discussed before, but seriously why? On a typical 8v8 server, why doesn't it take 50% or 4 ejects to kick out a commander? Does UWE not understand how easy it is to troll a server when it only requires 2 votes (iirc 3 on the high pop servers?) to kick a comm, much less a Marine comm? The fact that you can do it anonymously...seriously now.

I am making a thread about this because I had my first experience with these trolls several hours ago. My buddy and I were enjoying a gaming session and noticed that Marines weren't doing anything. We found out that two people were ejecting any Marine comm and recycling anything when they got on the chair. The server was 15/20 before the trolling started. After several rounds of being trolled (roughly 20-30 minutes), the server cleared out. The special needs children eventually left, but the damage was done and I doubt the server recovered after we left.

And we tried to counter them by joining marine team and ejecting as soon as they went in the chair. Not much we can do when it only takes 2 votes and hey there's exactly two of the idiots. Though fun bug when I got in the chair and got the troll trapped inside while I became commander when his troll buddy left.

So I ask again why commander eject isn't decided by a majority vote. Hell a rudimentary GUI would be nice too...


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