KKG missing mod problem

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Hey guys whenever I try to join the KKG servers I go to downloading mods and then it fails to join and says I am missing a mod. I have only experienced this problem very recently and there hasn't been a patch or anything. Any ideas whats wrong?

In the console it says error couldn't download X mod, for each of the 3 mods that KKG uses.


  • endarendar Join Date: 2010-07-27 Member: 73256Members, Squad Five Blue
    Try deleting your workshop folder, and unsubscribe from all mods in steam. It could also be possible that the server is outdated, if so not much you can do about it.

    Folder is located in %appdata%\natural selection 2\workshop
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    Try deleting your:

    %appdata%\natural selection 2\cache

    folder as well, my Workshop folder was empty and I was still able to join a modded server. I deleted the cache folder and my Workshop folder started to get populated again...

    However that said it still seems to be "downloading mods" too fast, i.e. I have a feeling it might be getting pulled from another cache somewhere but have not been able to track down yet.
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    Thanks, I went for both fixes at the same time so I'm not sure which one worked but one of you guys was spot on!
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