Onos problem solved

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Complex problem for everyone saving up for only onos.

Simple solution - you can thank me later.

Level 1 alien skulk - free pres cost to evolve
Max res earned capped at 30.

Level 2 aliens gorge, lerks, fades - 10, 20, 30 pres to evolve for each
Max res earned capped at 30.

Level 3 alien onos - requires you to be level 2 first and 30 more res in addition
Max res earned capped at 30 so you can go back to fade or lower lifeform.

Dying at any time will make you a skulk again keeping any res earned.


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    Another advantage of this is that the aliens don't need the lifeforms to be tied to the number of hives they have.
    This allows more options for the player and more strategy. An alien turtle stragety is possible if the alien team has only 1 hive they still can go onos or fade which may allow them a way to fight back and still win the game.
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    Please expand on this idea some more for me.

    Is the current p-res income (0.125 per harvester per 6 seconds) the same income you would use in your model?

    If so, someone could go gorge -> onos with just 40 pres? Or someone could fade with just 30 pres (~5m into the game)? Given the fact that you start with 25 pres, the entire team could go lerk immediately as the game starts?

    This idea is... different.. but I'd like to see how you would address those problems I've listed.
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    edited November 2012
    The current pres income can be used but like any new game changes it should be balanced.

    The costs for aliens was just an example if you wanted to change it.

    So gorges, lerks, fades would be 10 30 50 res each.

    Max res earned for each of the 3 levels would be at 50.

    Level 3 onos requires level 2 alien and also 50 res.

    Player going gorge would have 15 res left needing 35 more for onos.
    This also means he needs to survive long enough or else he dies and becomes a skulk again.
    It would take some time considering gorges spend res on hydras!

    Player saving for the powerfully fade would have to wait a longer time to get 50 res for onos that is if he doesn't die.
    High risk high reward makes the game fun and challenging.

    The best part of this which you probably noticed is that it encourages the player to evolve instead of choosing to be a skulk for most of the game.
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    Please don't nerf the onos he needs to be a game ender or else games last too long.
    Players in pubs and comps know this and skulks are res risk free plus they are highly mobile making them effective even late game so that's a big reason most players save for onos.
    Aliens are winning too much so more risks of not becoming an onos will help balance the game.
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    Onos is still good, he just need skill now.. And he's still game ender.
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