Two Gorge ability suggestions.

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Considering the complaints I've heard about Gorge play and how it seems a bit limiting as far as choices go right now, I've been thinking of ways it can be improved and made more interesting.

One area I personally feel Gorges could use a hand is survivability: currently early game gorges without celerity are simply unable to out-run marines, which limits your options somewhat: you cannot gorge safely at a far-away location away from skulk back-up. I'd like there to at least be an ability that allows a get-away when used skillfully:

How about a puddle/oil slick that you can vomit on the ground that increases the speed of belly-sliding across it? Further more it would slow down marines walking across it and/or fudge with their movement mechanics while on it because it's slippery?

The slick would last a limited amount of time - prolly somewhere in the order of 15-30 seconds, and cost a good deal of energy.

Why it would be interesting:
  • You have to place it in advance of knowing you'll be in danger soon because of its limited duration
  • Marines can see the puddle, so they can play around it by finding an alternate route. Of course the puddle size would have to be significant enough as well
  • Perfect situation is; while making a retreat, you belly slide across the puddle for extra speed, while the hapless marine runs over it and slows himself down temporarily

Another ability I've been thinking about which is less fleshed out is to be able to build "healing sacs" that effectively act as a static alien medpack: you could build this on any surface much like hydras.

The sacs would give a flat amount of hp/armor when an alien walks up to it and presses "E". The amount would be balanced to give a significant heal-over-time for skulks and lerks; something like 100 points that prioritizes hp over armor, and only heals a max of 50 armor.

Why it would be interesting:
  • You'd have to place it skillfully for it not to be found and destroyed by marines on sight. You could gorge in a vent and place them in the vent :D
  • Gives good synergy to carapace skullks
  • Lets Gorges support the team even when they're not there
  • Sacs have a green outline and unique silhouette that can be seen through walls to facilitate finding them as an alien


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    I'm a friend of that puddle idea, but the sac would need some tweaking. By my experience, it's always been the Khammander's job to place forward nests that even do more than just heal - Chances are by the time you can AFFORD forward nests, you'll have two hives, and thus Crag/Shift or Crag/Shade nests. Maybe the Gorge's healing sac should be more like a refillable dispenser: You place it and it has a charge of overall 500 hp maybe, and as aliens use it, that charge depletes. Then it's up to the Gorge to refill it with healing barf.

    Sound good? :D
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