TBGClan.com Looking for NS2 members for competitve play and causual gamers

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Hey Everyone,

TBGclan.com is looking for competitive players / casual gamers for our NS2 division.

We currently have 3 servers running - and they are already on the top of the list for servers throughout the world.

NO LAG - i7 2600k - TBGclan.com - Server #1 - Calgary (West) Type this is console to join the Calgary Server: connect Cgy.TBGclan.com
NO LAG - 4.4Ghz - TBGclan.com - Server #2 - Chicago Type this in console to join the Chicago Server: connect Chi.TBGclan.com
NO LAG - CO ONLY - TBGclan.com - Server #3 - Calgary (West)
We are a group of mature adults with military backgrounds and we are running world class servers.

We come from a Battlefield root - but we are going to be expanding our NS2 division for competition and casual gaming etc -

We have 5 BF3 servers, and out of 6700 servers for Battlefield three, we have 4 that are already in the top 100.
Also top 50 for BFBC2 and COD4.

If you like to join us, please apply at TBGclan.com and fill out this Application Form

We don't just allow anyone in, we will only let in quality / mature gamers.

Feel free to add me on Steam if you have any questions or even need slots in our servers.
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Running 1 NS2 Server: -
NO LAG 4.4Ghz CHICAGO - TBGclan.com Type this is console to join the Chicago Server: connect CHI.TBGclan.com

Apply at TBGclan.com Today!


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