More Helpful Loading Screen Tips

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Yea, this is actually an area of the game that takes no work at all to implement but could have a very real impact on how games are playing out. Since we're without a proper tutorial or single player system we might as well muster everything we've got to make the game more helpful and responsive to new players.

There should probably be hundreds more entries for the loading screen tips.

They should be kept as concise, non-obvious and informative as possible.

I'll start with some suggestions.

"Control of (tech point icon from minimap) tech points are critical to your team's success. Defend them and deny them to the enemy team"

"Welders have many uses - building faster, destroying cysts faster and repairing structures"

"Control over resource nodes is highly important throughout the game and especially at the beginning of a match - seek out and destroy enemy extractors/harvesters and defend your own!"

"As Commander, use the nano-shield (unlocks with second Command Station) ability to make any player, building or exosuit highly damage resistant"

"As Lerk, always be on the move as you are highly vulnerable. Use poison bite for hit and run, spores to create confusion and for area denial, and spikes to finish off weak marines at a distance"

"As Fade, survival is key. Start with modest engagements with single marines until you become confident. Watch your energy and always have an escape route in mind"

"The Gorge class is essential for Alien success: support your teammates with healing spray and defend your hives and Harvesters by building hydras near them and clogging off the entrance to their rooms"

Feel free to add your own, maybe the devs will take a look and pick the best ones to add to the game :D


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