A quick note to Marine Commanders

SpaceJewSpaceJew Join Date: 2012-09-03 Member: 157584Members
<div class="IPBDescription">It's about Shade Hives.</div>I just wanted to tell all you Marine commanders out there a little something about Shade Hives. I'm doing this because I had a game last night with a decent enough commander who ended up losing the game due to him being a stubborn jerk and not listening to people that were trying to help him

<i><b>If the aliens build shade hive first, every single location where you build something must absolutely have an observatory.</i></b>

If you don't do this, or at the very least use your 'scan' ability constantly, you run a very serious risk of losing the game since obviously both teams are full of new players that don't know any better. However, even one good player that joins at the end or the middle of the match can take out a whole base without much problem in this situation.

So, in closing, don't be a newb. Build an Obs when half your team is berating you for not having any in your hive locations. If you don't, don't try to blame things on your team. It was totally your fault. Shade aliens are fail aliens, but only if you build an Obs.
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