Full Server + Quickjoin = LAG Spikes?

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I noticed, if my 12 Slot Server is full and if I check the console and web interface, I often see it, that my Server shortly goes above the maxplayers limit of 12, like 13 or 14 and that the players get kicked again because the Server is full.

During those short seconds, my Server gets a lag spike. It generally runs with a tickrate of 29 - 30 all of the time, but if the server is full and someone tries to join, the lag spike causes the server tickrate to go down to 1 - 15 for 1 or 2 seconds and this sometimes causes horrible lag.

The Prediction seems to be a bit problematic as well, as it seems. If the Server is full and noone joins, the Prediction is around 2 - 4 frames, if someone tries to join, it goes to 10+ for the short period.

Anyone else experienced the issues?

PS: I will post a Performance graph from the server shortly.
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