Bug - echo shifts can stack structures on top of each other

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If you have a shift with echo ability, you can move structures on top of each other. If you echo a structure to the same location as another structure that has yet to finish echoing (i.e. the first structure hasn't teleported yet) it will stack the structure in the exact same location. This can be done either using multiple echo shifts or just one.

Because there's a cooldown on echo and you have to echo in the next structure before the previous one finishes echoing in order for it to stack, using one shift only allows you to echo in a few structures on top of each other. Although the first structure is nearly echoed in after the first cooldown finishes, you can spam heaps more after the the first cooldown without receiving additional cooldown - this is another bug. Although even with the above spam bug, with just one shift you can only get in about 3-4 structures on top of each other before the first structure is echoed in and it blocks you from building there again. Using multiple shifts you can get lots and lots stacked (roughly 12 or so if I recall correctly).

This is something that can be exploited and should be fixed.

Examples of it's exploitability:

You can stack whips on top of each other when shifting in a whip bombard or whatever, and the enemy will not be able to focus fire on a single whip (unless there's a gl) as the damage from shooting it will be spread amongst all the whips and will ping pong between which whip is receiving the damage even if you're aiming at the same place.

You can put upgrade chambers inside a whip or multiple whips. You can therefore use it to defend upgrade chambers quite effectively, and the above effect will also take place.

Multiple whips on top of each other look like a single whip, so if a marine thinks he can just run past and only take 50 damage, 4 whips might get him instead and do 200 damage.


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    This actually seems like an extension of stacking armories and factories on top of power nodes, which is also an exploit. There are issues with collision it seems.

    Although I'd like to see the look on the GL troopers face when he fires a grenade at a stacked whip...and what would happen in the first place...
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