Synergy idea for Feign Death + Regeneration

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Turn on regeneration during the invuln period
We're still waiting for the return of FD, but while we're at it, we all know that Regen and FD are 2nd tier upgrades compared to Cara and Silence, respectively.

I was just thinking about making Regen activate as soon as you go into Feign Death mode, so that by the time you unfeign and make your escape you'll have regenerated enough HP to actually have a decent chance of escaping vigilant marines.

Doing this would:

1. Make FD viable against savvy marines who would just camp your corpse for a few seconds after death thereby reducing FD's usefulness considerably

2. Give a different, more "bankable" kind of play style with lower risks (but also correspondingly lower rewards for not having silence/cara) that allows people a gentler learning curve with lifeforms like lerks and fades.


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    Regeneration and Feign death already had incredible synergy. You were a harassment powerhouse. Run around attacking stuff, then feign death when lost and hide til regenerated. No need to return to hive... well ever.
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    Yeah i kinda miss FD, it sure had its moments.
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