Enable a surrender vote once one team has 4 less players than the other

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Coz seriously, right now most of the grief people experience while playing this game is due to prolonged matches where the winning team takes their sweet time or simply want to torment the losing team (Onos spamming stomp, rine team waiting till everyone is in an Exo etc.)

Now if we're talking the possibility of comebacks- I think most people would agree that when your team is losing AND you have 3-4 less players that any prospect of a comeback is nil and the only thing left is to die many futile and UNFUN deaths before you're put out of your misery.

On top of this, many server admins already manually end a won game anyway, which more usually than not results in people going "wtf?!". So effectively a form of surrender is already in the game(just not freely accessible to everyone).

Also I must MUST plead for the game to only start when both sides have a Commander. Right now having no Commander on any side for the first crucial 3 minutes is basically game-losing.


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    Such a thing exists, lots of servers have it off though. The game will end immediately if there is something like a 40% imbalance. For example the marines have 8 players and the aliens have 3, the game ends. Or if the marines have 10 and the aliens have 4. But again a lot of servers have turned it off it seems.
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    u just need to change the server settings or find yourself a better server if you do not own one.
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