Make lifeform eggs show up on minimap

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<div class="IPBDescription">And allow alien commander to see missing upgrades</div>I hate when I drop onos eggs, only to have most players not use them. I'll call out numerous times that we have onos eggs ready in X hive, and it takes a while before it occurs to somebody to grab one. Further, when I call out where I put them, some people still have a hard time finding them. I think if they were added to the minimap this would help solve both problems. When people check the map, they'll see an egg up and they'll go for it, further without me having to tell them where it is. A game I played earlier, I had three up, called them out several times, and people still weren't taking them.

Maybe also show an HUD icon that shows lifeform eggs up, both in the regular HUD, and when you bring up the b menu to evolve.

And another thing, I hate when I command, and some marines run into my base and kill one of my upgrades, and I may have missed it. Worse is when the structures are covered by shades, its hard to tell them apart, further worsening the problem unless I remember *exactly* where I dropped them. I don't realize the upgrade is missing until somebody speaks up (which is usually a long time later.)

It would be nice if there was an HUD option to show all possible upgrades, black out the ones that you don't have, and ones that you can research because of hive upgrades but haven't yet done so maybe show up as green. If you can afford to research it, allow you to click on that HUD icon in order to do so without the need to click on the structure first. If you can't afford it, make it show up as red.

Also, make the hive upgrades (for crag, shade, and shift) show up opaque and in a color that stands out so you don't accidentally click one when you are trying to click the hive.

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