Microphone doesn't work

AlphaWolfAlphaWolf Join Date: 2003-01-11 Member: 12175Members
The very first time I played NS2, my mic worked fine, but every game after that, nobody can hear me. I've tested my mic in other programs (e.g. sound recorder) and it works fine. However, in game nobody can hear me.

In NS1 there was an snd_loopback (or something like that) command that allowed you to hear your own voice when you spoke into the mic, so you could test to make sure your voice was actually transmitting to the server. Is there any similar command in NS2?


  • SopsSops Join Date: 2003-07-03 Member: 17894Members, Constellation
    Is it a usb microphone by chance? Make sure you have it plugged in before you load the game. Otherwise I have nothing.
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    Moving to Tech Support.
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    You could try checking the default microphone in Windows settings.

    Unfortunately, there is no such command in NS2: <a href="http://unknownworlds.com/ns2/wiki/index.php/Console_Commands" target="_blank">http://unknownworlds.com/ns2/wiki/index.php/Console_Commands</a>
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