slight change to Hypermutation quick evolve rules

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<div class="IPBDescription">possible bugfix</div>Before 224 when Hypermutation was removed to fix it's exploitability, I noticed something odd about the rules in which the quick evolve applies.

If you're skulk and you evolve hypermutation, then evolve a higher lifeform (e.g. onos), it doesn't apply the quick evolve, and you have to wait for that higher lifeform to evolve. That part makes sense, and works as expected. You shouldn't be able to evolve hypermutation and then evolve onos quickly, bypassing the considerable time it takes to evolve the lifeform.

However, if you evolve onos, then evolve hypermutation, then skulk (or other lower level lifeform), then back to onos, it doesn't apply the quick evolve. I would expect the quick evolve to apply in this scenario, as you've already waited to evolve onos the first time, so you shouldn't have to do it again. You have to evolve back to onos once already for the quick evolve to take place the next time you do it. So effectively you have to wait twice on the long evolve rather than just the once.

I see this as a bug in the rules of when hypermutation quick evolve applies. It could be intended I guess, but it feels pretty unintuitive the way it is. I believe if you've already waited to evolve onos, or any other higher level lifeform, you shouldn't have to do it again (if you've got hypermutation).

I wasn't going to bring this up, because it's such a small fiddly hardly-necessary change. But as long as hypermutation is getting fixed up, I believe this should be in the list.


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