Bug: Can't evolve

d0ped0gd0ped0g Join Date: 2003-05-25 Member: 16679Members
<div class="IPBDescription">when lost hypermutation</div>A few times recently (in the last few builds) I've noticed that I can't evolve. Every time this has happened, I have had evolved hypermutation, and somewhere after evolving it, either the shift hive has been destroyed, or the hypermutation spur killed. I'm not sure if it's the shift hive dying that causes this (does this remove your upgrade even if you still have the spur?) or the spur dying. Either way, I can't change lifeforms until hypermutation is made available again.

I understand this is probably to keep players getting their pres back after hypermutation is lost (by evolving a lower lifeform), but the ability to change lifeform without reclaiming resources should still be made available.

I'm not sure if the bug prevents you from evolving upgrades (e.g. carapace), as I have only noticed it and been able to test it on changing lifeforms (usually all available upgrade slots have been evolved at the time this bug occurs).
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