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Are there any?
Hi i was just wondering if anyone has put together a set of rules for a league or ladder. I am heading up a league in New Zealand to introduce clan play to everyone and we are looking for some rules to abide by, a scoring system etc. People have wanted to have time limits but that has been proven to be a bad idea.

One thing we thought might be a good idea was having points for wins etc, so even if both teams win as say, marines, it is equal but not a draw, as they both increase in the points table compared to everyone else.

If there is a set of rules like this around, plus fairplay rules etc, could u please post the link here? confused.gif thanks


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    I've got my own little (now revised) set of rules for the league I'm working on, if someone wants to make the website and be in charge of uploading content, super.. (sorry, had to add that in)

    Anyway, I've got a small list if you'd like to see them.
    Adrenaline gaming league coming soon!
    Need a few people to help, message me if interested.
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    yea that would be good... if u wanna post em of course
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