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waflzwaflz Join Date: 2012-09-07 Member: 158459Members Posts: 114 Advanced user

I would love to create mini guides for the game when its released, i dont have access to the beta but when it does come out.

I have access to a 500+ Subscriber youtube channel and my own to promote the game.

But what i do is record and make the videos.

Let me know what you guys thinking,

Im thinking it would be made up of multiple videos, "NS2 - Alien Buildings" or "NS2 - Basics of commanding" ect.


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  • Laosh'RaLaosh'Ra Join Date: 2011-12-09 Member: 137232Members Posts: 905 Fully active user
    The game already has a built-in tutorial section, which guides you to certain youtube videos.

    That said, there is probably room for more (as there are so many aspects to cover), especially with certain mechanics changing every now and then.
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