Is Dammage Vs. Buildings Fixed?

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<div class="IPBDescription">Is this causing long end-game?</div> Bile/grenades/xeno/seige are all suposed to do blast dammgae (that is, 2x dammage to buildings) and yet sometimes they do 0 dammage to buildings insted. Has this been fixed in 1.02? If not i really think it's a top priority.

Maybe the reason end game is taking so long is because of this bug? Think about it, if you had a fully functional bile that did like 160 dammage to any building within 5 feet of it's explosion wouldn't that help you end the game a lot quicker? Or if your waiting for resourses to evolve to onos just keep xenociding their TF to help out the fades attacking the enemy base?

Same thing goes for marines. You get them down to 1 hive but the basterds built up 3 gazillion Off chambers and even with HMG you can't seem to get in. With seige and GL working correctly this situation would resolve itself much faster.

Charge seems to be the only really good building killer ATM, the 4 i mentioned all are affected by this weird bug. I hope it's fixed for 1.03 (if it isn't already, and if there is a 1.03).


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    160 direct, the splash is less

    however it is still bugged, and still being worked on, nuff saidf
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    Yeah, I think it has something to do with the position of the buildings. Most of the time, bile or grenades will take down buildings extremely fast, but sometimes there is that indestructible wall of turrets that cannot be killed even though nothing is healing them. It is very annoying to use 40 grenades killing a stack of offensive chambers with no D-chambers nearby. (I've seen this happen)

    I think Turrets would be much less powerful and the lategame would be much more functional if the siege damage bug were fixed.

    AFAIK, the bug isnt fixed in v1.02; last night I was on a v1.02 server and saw a single unconstructed offensive chamber take 2 siege cannons' worth of fire for several minutes. The siege bug is the most noticable because it renders entire sections of the map unpassable, in contrast the bilebomb and grenade bugs are less noticable but they're still there - ive seen two Fades constantly shoot bilebombs at a single human Turret (with no repairers!) and several minutes and a hundred bilebombs later, its still at green HP. Same with grenades against O chambers; usually two clips of grenades will take down a chamber, but some chambers mysteriously take no damage even after youve emptied your entire supply of grenades on them. <!--emo&:angry:--><img src='' border='0' valign='absmiddle' alt='mad.gif'><!--endemo-->
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    **obscenity**, was hoping this was fixed for 1.02. oh well. At least it's kind of balanced, each side looses 2 big building killers.
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