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<div class="IPBDescription">well, your servers and help :)</div>Over the course of the last few months I have been trying to organise a modding collective for NS2. We are called Mod Beans, and we include amongst our collective mods, GorgeCraft, Proving Grounds, Combat and Sanity. We are currently running 1 Combat and 1 Proving Grounds server off a box very kindly donated by SN.Wolf.

Our problem comes from the fact that most of the development team are in Europe, and the server is on the west coast of the US. While this is great for general players, it is not so good for european playtests of the mods.

Basically this is a request for European servers for our playtests, also for worldwide servers who want to run our mods. If you are able to help us, please drop us a line - modbeans -At-


oh and to be really cheeky, if we could have a TS channel, that would be great! I haven't got everyone together yet because of a lack of teamspeak :P


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    Hello, I can offer you assisten. I'll pm you.
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    Hello all,

    Just a quick update to this thread. We are still looking for an EU server for us to playtest NS2Combat, Proving Grounds and whatever comes next. Currently the collective is managing a couple of playtests a week but the lack of a decent EU server is really hindering our ability to effectively organise any as this is where most of us are based.

    The server doesn't have to be running mods all the time, perhaps a couple of hours a week at the time of the scheduled playtests, but whoever is administering it would have to be happy with extracting a couple of zip files about once a week for us to test out the new changes to our game modes. I can help with the setup as we have managed to get the SN server up and running pretty well in the US with auto-update scripts and the like. endar has kindly provided an Aussie server for us as well, so both of those communities are well represented. Currently the max we can test with in the EU is ~4 people, which doesn't give us very accurate figures about balance etc, so having a bit better hardware and connection would really be a help to us. We can connect to servers in the US and Australia as a last resort but the pings are killing the balance between alien and marine sides!

    If you'd like to get involved with the development of the NS2/Spark modding scene and/or would like to see your clan's name in the credits please get in touch!
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    Hello there, I can be of assistance with both a teamspeak server and a NS2 Server dedicated server if needed.

    It's located in Norway.

    Just pm me, and i'll be glad to help out
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    Hi Guys,

    We've still not heard anything about a European Server. If anyone can loan a server, even for a few hours a week to do playtests, we would be very grateful. We have some really big developments and changes coming up, and as we get further into our mods, proper playtesting is becoming more important.

    Anyway, if you can help us in anyway, drop me a PM.

    Kindest Regards
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    Sorry for not responding sooner guys. My ISP has had huge problems lately, but it seems they finally fixed it. I will PM you some information ASAP Soul_Rider

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