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Just was going reply to your thread about the new launch. Apparently, you're also redoing the forums right now, as my internet went down, and then the forums were all reorganized. That's great, but I just wanted to make sure this got through:

Looks awesome. Seriously. If this doesn't draw new people in, I don't know what will. You guys have created a AAA title with a very small team. If I ever get out to your area, I'm definitely buying you all a round of beers/whatever-your-drink-of-choice is.

Side note:
I saw someone else mention it, but those sys-req specs... are they final? And should they run the game on high at 60ish fps? Would be amazing if they do. My old Q6600 2.4 @ 3.0 oc'ed Quad Core might just yet serve me well. Thanks for the amazing effort thus far. Here's to the coming year!


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    I think you seem to have put this in the wrong forums. This part of the forums doesnt get many post no more. I think your looking for the NS2 section
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