massive fps drop since i last played

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<div class="IPBDescription">someone help!!</div>I've taken maybe a 2 month break, last time i played was 208 i think, when they ruined the skulk movement.

i just decided to start the game back up, see how its moving along etc and ive played about 3-4 games on different servers and my fps has dropped and i cant bare to play.

I use to have 70-90fps now i have like 40-60fs.

I've had one or two friends tell me theres has also been effected in recent games but i've had people that have crap pc's tell me theres have increased

Can anyone offer any assistance because i'm likely to just uninstall this game forever if i cant get my fps back up lol

PC Stats:
i5 2550k @ 4.6ghz
2x 560 GTX Gfx Cards
32 gb ram and a SSD


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    Wait for next build. I guess its coming this week if theyre still on the 2 week schelude.
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    Only thing I would suggest is to play around with your graphics settings, try disabling various features (anti-aliasing, atmospherics, etc.) one at a time to see if any one thing is causing the issue. If so, it might be something the devs have to fix up.
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    Regardless of your overkill hardware, bad server performance right now can still cause frame rate drops on the client end. Until that gets fixed try to find the ones that are running on good hardware with a good 30 ticks.
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