NS2Fra server test

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<div class="IPBDescription">we need feedbacks about our server :)</div>Hi all!

We are trying to set a server up for our community, so to get the right configuration we need to test the performances at full capacity.

Name: <b>NS2Fra_test</b>

Number of players: 14 for now :)

I can't get on steam before 2 weeks to gather people on it and try it myself, but i'm not the one who is configuring it. Please, <u>if it's up</u> try it with friends to make it full and give us your feedbacks about the perfs. 14 players is a start, if it's working well we'll make it 16, and if not we'll upgrade it!

Thank you guys if you try it and report :)


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    If you post the server specs, we can give you a guesstimate on how well it will perform (or the highest playercount with acceptable performance).
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