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<div class="IPBDescription">Interviews with community highlights</div>To start this post i would like to say sorry for my english, im south american and i will try to type as correctly as i can.
The creation of a channel dedicated to showing the community members that have in some way contributed to the growth of NS2 (video maker, shoutcaster, pro player and so...)

Interview thru skype with video background of the material produced by the member.
Choosing the person will be made depending on the relevance they are making in the community be it programing or direct contact (video,forum and game presence)
Topics will be things related to the relation the person with the game, showing how he(she) came to know the game and what motivates him on doing what he does.

I belive having a space for the community to see what "we" are like is important, also, sometimes we just dont know where to look for the content we like to see.
Another thing is to come in contact with the person behind the content is important so that he gets the proper recognition for it.

I came up with this project today, it is totaly raw, so i come here asking how can we grow this!
Also, im a total newbie with recording, if someone is willing to teach me, i can and i would make this happen.

Thanks for reading, and if this does not fit in here im sorry, i did not see this category in the post hugh made so...
Thanks again and i wait for the replies. Peace


  • kobjaguerkobjaguer Join Date: 2011-05-22 Member: 100088Members
    Hello again, i have been making some sketches about questions and possible people to interview but i would like some feedback on the idea, so i can build a material more reliable to show, as it is now, its just that classic "who why how".

    what you guys would like to know about people? what would make you go and check out that person's work?
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    Personally I would be interested in interviews with some of the mappers (official and non official). It is one of the largest timesinks possible and a huge project to take on. I would love the hear about how they view the experience and their philosophy used for mapping.
  • kobjaguerkobjaguer Join Date: 2011-05-22 Member: 100088Members
    Thanks Argathor!

    That was one thing i dont know much about but would love to do!
    Is there any mapper, you would like to hear about?
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