Interested in Decoda, but have some questions

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I normally just do my programming in Notepad++, but my delving into lua and whatnot makes me itching to do it "properly", with a proper debugging/etc. environment. Decoda seems to be awesome for that (to say nothing of general organization), but I had a few questions first:

1) I plan to use Decoda primarily for the Love2D(.org) framework, are there any issues with doing that? I'm not new to programming by any means, but lua and 2d game creation are new territory for me so I'd like to make sure my working environments aren't causing any problems that I'd likely assume are my own fault and thus be perplexed by.

2) Some of these threads seem to indicate that Decoda is not as up to date as it should be (ie: not in line with the NS2 version, nor updated to support the latest lua version). Is this correct? If so, does this cause problems (please elaborate if possible)?

3) This is for totally non-commercial, single-user (and likely not even public release-level) work... that is still the "indie"-level license, correct?



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    Hey SickBoy,

    I haven't used Decoda in quite a while but i can tell you it is a must if you are doing Lua integration with C++, or are new to lua or a framework written in lua, as the debugging will quickly help you find problems.

    It should work with lua 5.x, best to get an evaluation copy and try it out.

    I wouldnt say Decoda is "not up to date", it is a pretty effective tool as it is. It just keeps getting better really.

    3) i would say yes, but i dont work here ;)

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    You might want to check out the <a href="" target="_blank">Decoda site</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">FAQ</a>.
    According to the FAQ Decoda supports debugging with LOVE.
    The main page says that is has been licensed by some big companies too but I don't know about the details.
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