Tips for New Players

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We should compile some tips here.

Here's a few of mine:
Listen to your comm.
Buy welders and use it on your teammates to weld armor as Marine.
It is always better to do an objective (such as securing a res node) then to run around randomly killing things
Stick together, this will stop you from being ambushed, and this is especially important for marines.
Don't play comm until you have played around 20 or so games, you really need to understand the game inside out to be a good comm.


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    <a href="" target="_blank">"Pro Tips"</a>

    <a href="" target="_blank">"Five Tips To Be A Better Player"</a>

    <a href="" target="_blank">"Tricks of the Trade" - Focussing on Onos</a>

    An oldie but a goodie, always be checking your minimap, whenever you can.

    Here's a new one, try to Evolve into lifeforms Lerk and above around where the alien commander will be wanting to mist anyway, such as around a pre-augmentation hive, whips etc. Not only will this give you a higher chance of being misted in the first place, but it will not slow your team down to do so.

    Also, just to reiterate- MINIMAP!
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    Some vents you can get in by having a buddy crouch and then jump crouching on his head to get up there.

    You can put drifters on top of ALOT of stuff you wouldn't expect to be able to.

    As marine commander, scan nexus areas like tram hub for drifters so marines can kill them and stop giving alien vision of that area.

    You can use drifter sight to give the illusion of a big push on a hive by killing the drifter while you head a certain direction then turning the opposite way.

    Use alternate fire on your pistol for attacking lerks. It's hard to hit them with constant fire so the power shots make more of a difference.

    You can "ride" some walls with the Onos charge (shift).

    Slow down, sometimes it's better to be cautious so you can hear aliens coming.

    If you see an alien with spores around him that means he has regen, which means that aliens probably have a second hive somewhere.

    You can distinguish sounds of a phase gate going up by listening.

    If you're parasited ask for a med kit.

    As commander be responsive to med kit requests and don't be afraid to nano shield people even in seemingly normal situations.

    Whenever your team has the advantage PUSH IT. Don't sit around and let the other team come back, crush them!

    Beacon revives X amount of players, X being the amount of infantry portals. You can use this to respawn marines faster if they just got wiped. (Not sure if this is changed, I just read it on the wiki and it seems accurate)

    Thats all I have for now.
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    Is there a thread where all the structures, weapons, upgrades, etc (like a wiki) are defined?

    Edit: Looks like I found it, <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

    A sticky on this page probably wouldn't either. It was my first inclination to come to this forum for that type of info.
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